Summer workshop in Italy

This summer Tanz Company Gervasi is hosting a workshop for a small group of professional dancers in a beautiful old town called Barbarano Romano (near Rome, Italy).

We are looking for dancers (M/F) with a strong technical background and with experience in improvisation.

Barbarano Romano is a municipality in the province of Viterbo, with renovated old historic buildings and a high quality of life with delicious local food at reasonable prices. Find out more:

Hard facts:

  • Workshop (research laboratory/improvisation/choreography)
  • max. 12 dancers
  • The participation in the workshop is free* and only upon invitation.

WHEN: June 26 – July 7, 2019, 10 am – 6 pm
WHERE: Barbarano Romano (IT)

ARRIVAL in Barbarano Romano: June 25, 2019

Application for workshop:  Email to

  • CV (short version) with a photo
  • 1 min video with a solo work or improvisation (a simple self-made smartphone video is enough, preferably via weTransfer, youtube or vimeo; moving, not just posing; NO group choreography accepted.)
  • The workshop is only for applicants with invitation and work permits for Europe.
  • Please only apply if you are available for the whole period of June 25 – July 7.

Deadlines Application: APRIL 15, 2019

Please note: You will be informed, if your application is accepted. If you get no reply after ONE WEEK after you sent your application, it means no workshop invitation. Unfortunately, due to the amount of applications, we cannot send individual rejection letters.

*Additional costs:

– Accommodation (single/double bedrooms in shared apartments for up to 5 people)
– Accommodation € 150 per person for the whole period.
– The workshop itself is free.
– We will arrange a transfer from the airport (for international dancers: Rome) to the accommodation.
– We can’t offer salary or per diems. Travel costs, travel organisation and other expenses are not covered.

About the workshop:

Even though it is no audition, the workshop is part of the research phase for the new production which will premiere in the beginning of December 2019 in Vienna. The workshop could be an opportunity to join this production.

The workshop proposes different forms of research based on various dance vocabularies und improvisation methods. The dancers will learn how to bring in and develop their own vocabulary and individual style.

After the warm up (which is a mix of contemporary movement and floor work), we will set off towards a path where we reduce patterns and conservative forms of technique and styles.

We will continue the movement research by focusing on specific themes such as space, gravity, collision, and other topics that will be proposed during the class.   We will apply these ideas firstly to solo dance material and follow this with group work, which will focus on different formations (duo, trio and larger groups). Here we will also work with contact improvisation and partnering.

Continuing, we will combine the previously created material and feed it with new energy, adding something more each time in the so-called “choreographic engine”. Through this application and the distribution of a number of fixed set movements, we will compose and generate new choreographic aspects and images.

The workshop will end with public showings.

There will be more detailed information after you got accepted.

For further information about Tanz Company Gervasi visit: (Tanz Company Gervasi)


Feedback from former workshop participants

“For me it was something very special, it was a week that was transformative for myself in many ways. It gave me new ways to approach my movement as well as adding to my thought process about movement and how to interact with other movers, which was really wonderful. It was really beautiful to experience the almost immediate closeness and generosity from this group of artists and something I will always remember. Working with you was extremely eye opening and I really am very grateful for the time spent with you and the group.
After the week I felt very warm inside from the new connections I had made and the huge amount of learning I had done. I also have a sense of pride for the end product that came together by the end of the week.”

“Being in Vienna and experiencing your way of researching and creating was a breath of fresh air compared to the classes that are currently provided to me in Leeds. Finding and reconnecting with all the million possibilities there is in the “simple” (with a lack of better word for it) or as you mentioned several times: the more “Human” way. The infinite possibilities with just one touch or one movement. Reconnecting with what I would call the base of art and what importance relation/relationships and movement have. What having a human/normal awareness as an artist in performance will be able to do in conveying messages and connecting with a broader audience.
Your classes based off Alexander technique, partnering/contact work and feedback regarding focus has been a great “food for thought” as a complement to my moving and “dancing” this week.” 

“Per prima cosa ti ringrazio per avermi dato l’opportunità di partecipare ad una settimana magica.
E’ stato un tempo di ricerca, di esplorazione, di ascolto e di condivisione che mi è rimasto veramente dentro, che in qualche modo mi ha lasciato un segno.
Ho trovato molto efficace la struttura del lavoro proposto, ogni giorno mi ha permesso di diventare più consapevole, ogni giorno mi ha messa alla prova, non solo per superare i limiti delle mie capacità, ma anche quelli più legati alla mia natura, il che mi ha spinta oltre alla mia comfort zone, mettendomi in difficoltà, sfidandomi, ma dandomi anche un’opportunità per migliorare, per ampliare i miei orizzonti.
Riconosco di aver avuto bisogno di tempo per “prendere confidenza” con il lavoro, la verità è che a volte ho ancora bisogno di prendere confidenza con me stessa.
Mi sono affezionata particolarmente al lavoro perchè mi sono resa conto di quanto sia per me stimolante e in grado di penetrare ed evolversi a volte anche inconsapevolmente.
Per questo motivo mi piacerebbe tanto poter avere la possibilità di approfondire questa ricerca così semplice, contorta, infinita e stimolante.
Ad ogni modo ti ringrazio e spero di rivederti.
P.s. Le lezioni di yoga della mattina sono state proprio belle, grazie ancora anche a lei!”

“Thank you so much for such an inspiring week, it was a great experience. The creative process opened up my mind and exposed me to so many interesting ways to generate material. I value how you create a dynamic and innovative compositional structure that allows your dancers to contribute creatively and compose on the spot. The workshop introduced new ideas into my movement language and encouraged me to think outside the box.
Your work allows me to be human and I hope to be apart of future creative processes.”

“I really enjoyed the workshop. It was a very interesting approach for me to research and definitely quite different to what I have done before. I enjoyed the time and space that you gave us to research and begin to understand your language. I loved starting my day with yoga, as well. It was good to experience the workshop as a rehearsal setting to immerse myself in the experience of working with you. There is a lot I take away with me to all of the work that I do, about being a human and a person and feeling comfortable without all the extra layers. It was a lovely setting to have just 15 people in the room and felt like we really were able to connect with one another! I would love to do a workshop with you again in the future, to delve deeper into this method!

Thank you again for a wonderful week!”

“It was a very valuable week for me – I felt this time I was able to understand and internalize your work with much more appreciation and integrity. I came to really acknowledge your way of working, and understand it in my own physical body. I feel there is definitely a process of stepping from understanding the movement intellectually, and then applying it physically – it felt satisfying to begin to touch this sensation! I very much value and admire your eye – the way you see things and know how to take the people you are working to different places with is very intriguing. You know your craft very well and it has been a pleasure to have an insight into your mind and to partake in this fascinating experience of continual research and discovery.”