The white horn

the white horn (working title “Inside Outside”)
World premiere 3 Dec 2014, Odeon ImPulsTanz Special, Vienna

“The white horn” represents a new and unusual approach for Gervasi. Six female dancers explore that particular human state that is floating back and forth between the inside and the outside of ourselves where, eventually, emotions are created.
Existential moments and encounters are the focal point of this choreography: separation, distance, getting lost or being found again. This could be just like a dream, volatile and impalpable.
A dream, a cloud lying between heaven and earth.

Concept and choreographic direction: Elio Gervasi
Assistant: Nicoletta Cabassi
Dance and performers: Yukie Koji, Nanina Kotlowski, Hannah Timbrell, Risa Larsen, Clarissa Omiecienski and Leonie Wahl
Light design: Markus Schwarz