On Abeyance

Tanz Company Gervasi, David Altweger, Mira Loew On Abeyance

+++ The performance will be shown online. Further information will follow +++ Thu 14.– Sat 16. Jan 19.30

Online https://tqw.at/event/on-abeyance-gervasi-altweger-loew/

A tapestry of artistic voices and perspectives, inhabited by seven performers, will see the audience completely immersed in a world of sound, movements, images and words, contemplating longing and solitude in uncertain times. The project, initiated and conceptualized by choreographer Elio Gervasi and artists David Altweger and Mira Loew, emerged from a collective space of withdrawal and an artistic exchange during the months of spring 2020. It weaves together intimate audio-visual material created by collaborative processes with dancers and artists scattered across and stuck at opposite sides of the globe, navigating the parting of as well as a confrontation with a world that more and more belongs to the realms of a distant past.On Abeyance creates and explores a fragmented view of shared experiences, of moments of reprieve or collective trauma, the weight of privilege and the burden of memories that are erosive agents chipping away at the edges of our emotional landscapes.

Concept, artistic direction Elio Gervasi, David Altweger, Mira Loew Choreography Elio Gervasi

Choreography, performance Megan Castro, Laurent Delom de Mézerac, Nicola Manzoni, Lotta Sandborgh, Linda Vinattieri, Tabea Wittulsky, Luca Zanni

Stage design David Altweger, Mira Loew, Elio Gervasi

Composition, sound design David Altweger and Mira Loew together with Lottie Poulet and Graham Cunnington Live music Lottie Poulet, Graham Cunnington

Texts, narration Mira Loew Additional artistic contributions Jane Frances Dunlop, Samuel Wagner

Light design Markus Schwarz

Dramaturgical advice Karl Baratta

Production management, dramaturgical support Franziska Zaida Schrammel

A production by Tanz Company Gervasi coproduced by Tanzquartier Wien. With support from the Municipal Department of Cultural Affairs, Vienna, and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport. Many thanks to all dancers who participated in On Abeyance.