Once our basic human needs are met, we become aware of our sense of being alive and the urge to unfold this vitality, translate it into movement, communicate it through our bodies.

As we explore our own capabilities and possibilities, there arises in us the yearning to go out into the world, reach out to other living creatures. The play throws light on attempts at making interpersonal contact, the difficulties associated with it and failed attempts at getting close to others, and the immersion in the harmony of movements once our fears and doubts have been overcome. Dance is a search for contact. Dance is contact. Impulses are communicated through the skin, giving rise to intense encounters. Multi-facetted forms of movement are created. Give and take, carry and allow yourself to get carried, lead and be lead.

DANCE & CHOREOGRAPHY: Leonie Wahl, Salvatore La Ferla, Yukie Koji
STAGE & COSTUMES: Ricardo Cosendey
LIGHT: Markus Schwarz
TEXT: Peter Jeschek