Starting point would be to extend, concentrate, and counterpoint key ideas presented in the original piece “FUGA-CE” through a conceptual space of reflection and refraction.  A separate 25 30 minute choreographic work is planned which aims to counterpoint the fugal patterns of composition and
emotional spirit of the first work.. much as the connection of things wich are separated yet related to each other as in a distant mirror. The two pieces might constitute a kind of a choreographic moebius strip or Mise en abime.

Choreographic directors: Elio Gervasi, Catherine Guerin
Dance: Esther Koller, Leonie Wahl, Tae Hee Kim, Anna Maria Nowak, Julia Mach, Adriana Cubides
Music: „The Art Of Fugue“ von Johann Sebastian Bach, Keller Quartett
Light: Markus Schwarz
Stage: Paola Prata, Ricardo Cosendey
Der Standard
 „Artistically, the only work of interest was Elio Gervasis 'fuga-ce'; a sound choreography, realized in technical perfection by his dancers in dreadful costumes."
 „Elio Gervasi produced an extraodinary finale with his 'fuga-ce'.“