Chaos and order – the search for structure or integration into a system is an essential need of the human being, a strategy for survival.
An attempt to turn chaos into something predictable, manageable – yet it slips through all these disciplining efforts. The attempt to install regularities usually implies the existence of hope to eliminate chaos.
The installed patterns, however, in turn again create chaos in interaction with each other.

Within the choreographic process, the dancers work with structure and improvisation, individually or in groups. They confront chaos, try to tame it and from this conflict develop their choreographic principles

Choreographic Director: Elio Gervasi
Choreography & Dance: Esther Koller, Leonie Wahl, Tae Hee Kim, Tomoko Nishino, Sabile Rasiti, Radek Hewelt, Alexander Gottfarb Stage Design: Ricardo Cosendey
Light: Markus Schwarz Music: Albert Castelló
Photography: Snovalis

Standard, 28/29th February 2004
 „... time and again his latest piece shows how modern dance can also be contemporary...“
Jazzzeit, March 2004
 „'There were conflicts and it was physically exhausting, but it was a really intense experience.' (...) This piece is lively and its inherent quality can solely be achieved through a long-term process of working together (...) .“
Kurier, 28th february 2004
 „Well worth seeing.“