12-seny-6 is the third and last part of a choreographic series that started in fall 2002 in the spacious Tanzhalle 1030 (Dancehall 1030) and was continued in the much more limited space of the stage at dietheater.
Next to the altered variable of the location, it is also the composition of the participants – 6 dancers from the free scene and 6 dancers of the Dance Company Gervasi – which carries this process of metamorphosis forward.

The dynamic core of this piece of work is made up of the interplay of actors familiar with each other and newly added elements.

The basic structure, developed in previous pieces , is now enriched and extended with new movement material, which has been compiled through improvisational techniques over an intensive, extensive rehearsal period.
Strongly oriented to the present process, the events shift between approach – at times as synchronous sequences in body-language – and distance, to assimilate the abundance of impulses to body and mind.
The collision of different characters and their individual vocabulary of movement creates a tantalizing microcosm, a space for sensitive communication on different levels.

Choreographic Supervision: Elio Gervasi
Choreographic assistence: Mario Mattiazzo
Choreography & Dance: Esther Koller, Tomoko Nishino, Leonie Wahl, Mariusz Jedrzejewski, Tae Hee Kim, Michikazu Matsune, Eveline van Bauwel, Bettina Schuber, Sabile Rasiti, Moravia Naranjo, Mario Mattiazzo, Radek Hevelt
Stage Design: Ricardo Cosendey, Elio Gervasi
Light: Markus Schwarz
Costumes: Elio Gervasi
Music/Composition: Albert Castelló