RAUM 33 

Finally spring arrived in Vienna and we are ready for new explorations.

RAUM 33 is presenting two new performances in May.

guest solo by Hygin Delimat

Slowstepper – On The Edge Of Survival

In the essential need for Survival we are not diferent than other species. They all need food, proper environment to live in. However, what is that only we-humans need for survival? Or is the sphere of living beyond survival the actual thing that diferentiates us from other organisms?

Survival is visible in physical dualities: weak-strong, virtuous-vulnerable… On one side, there is Body on the edge, Body in crisis, Body of a plane crash survivor, Body drained of water, and energy. Yet, there also exists a superhero of Survival through trained, and prepared Body, Body of extreme sports, Body of Power. Movement is the main drive of the performance. Slowstepper explores extremes in terms of inner resistance, speed, duration, and a potential beauty that happens in consequence.

Choreography and Performance: Hygin Delimat, Light/stage design: Hygin Delimat, Sound: NASA, Karol Kensee (remix of Alice Coltrane), Mentoring: Rui Horta

 Sat May 5 2018, 7.30 pm

Location: Laxenburgerstrasse 28-30, 1100 Vienna

Entry: pay as you wish (with buffet)

Seat reservation: raum33vienna@gmx.at

 Tanz Company Gervasi

do not – touch

These days space has a high price. As a precious resource it is subject to calculation and distribution. A space challenges two people, together they challenge a space. They each know where they want to go. The question is: how to navigate and position themselves in space together? 

The goal is finding ways to negotiate and exploring paths to share this space. Going through the interactive choreographic process, the dancers activate exciting dynamics which stimulate them on the way. As they move forward, the break new ground. They change positions and reinvent themselves. 

At first sight the bilateral exchange between the two, which manifests itself in various forms, is an emotional one. But beyond that there is a fundamental exploration of one’s own being and doing. Based on individual actions and gestures which were developed separately as a choreographic groundwork, they also playfully reflect on endless contingencies and facets of the individual. The dancers discover a deeper form of mutual understanding and empathy sharing the same space and macro-level of observation.

Conzept, Choreography: Elio Gervasi, in collaboration with: Lia Ujcic and Evgeniya Glazunova, Stage design: Valter Esposito, Dramaturgy: Karl Baratta, Light design: Markus Schwarz, Sound: Steve Reich,

Organization: Franziska Schrammel, Prodution: Tanz Company Gervasi


Sat May 19 2018, 7.30 pm

Location: Laxenburgerstrasse 28-30, 1100 Vienna

Entry: pay as you wish (with buffet)

Seat reservation: raum33vienna@gmx.at

Supported by: Wien Kultur/ Bundeskanzleramt Österreich Kunst Kultur