Do. 25. 05. 2017
18.00 h
Kunstmuseum Linz

“Yp_Hend” is characterized by a powerful body lan-
guage – abrupt, dynamic movements “embody” the
unfulfillable longing to break out of one’s own control.
Tanz Company Gervasi questions the structures of
Hip Hop and House. The Filipino dancer Paz Katrina
Jimenez begins at zero. Step by step she accrues a
vocabulary of movements that enhance the tradi-
tions of street dance. A dialogue gradually arises be-
tween the dance vocabulary of the company and
HipHop material, revealing a wealth of social ges-


artistic direction,
choreography: Elio Gervasi
in kooperation mit: Cat Jimenez
Dramaturgy: Karl Baratta
light design: Markus SchwarZ
Music: Mikael Stavöstrand

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