28. September, 20:00, PELZVERKEHR 2017, klagenfurter ensemble_theaterHALLE 11, Messeplatz 1, Eingang: Florian-Gröger-Straße.

“In the Wind” (Anni Kaila)

“Every now and then, fate has a similarity to a local sandstorm, which constantly changes direction.” (Haruki Murakami)

The Finnish dancer Anni Kaila uses not only a pronounced movement vocabulary, but also literary texts as a significant choreographic tool. This extremely physical solo was created in collaboration with the Austrian choreographer Elio Gervasi, and focuses on the relationship between man and his environment. What happens if a force of nature carries man away?

und ‘Yp_Hend’ (Cat Jimenez)

Cat Jimenez, a dancer with roots in the Philippines and in House and Hip Hop, develops step by step a movement vocabulary that transcends and extends the traditions of street dance. Gradually, a dialogue between the language of contemporary dance and hip hop is created, which unleashes a rich spectrum of expressive gestures and ends in a groovy dance.

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20. und 21. Oktober, 19:00 Uhr, tanz_house Herbst, Großer Saal ARGEkultur Salzburg

‘Yp_Hend’ (Cat Jimenez)




23. 24. 25. November  19:30 Uhr , OFF.WHITE.BOX, Kirchengasse 41, 1070 Wien

‘Yp_Hend‘ , “In the Wind”


The solo “Enclave”, illuminates attempts at making interpersonal contact, the difficulties associated with it, the failed approaches, and the immersion in the harmony of the movements when fears and doubts have been overcome.



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