two steps back

Tanz Company Gervasi
two steps back

FR 19. / SA 20. October, 19.30

Tanzquartier Vienna
Ten young dancers quietly follow the trail of flamenco in Elio Gervasi’s group choreography, searching for a balance between the individual and the collective. In a frenzy, passion unites with self-determination, political posturing with street dance. The starting point of two steps back are spontaneous messages of the performers that are painted like graffiti on the stage walls. To live music oscillating between guitar solos and abstract drones, the group explores its own collectivity and looks for the personal freedoms of the individual. In the course of the piece various alliances and overlaps are emerging between the bodies and spatial dimensions which do not (want to) allow a way out of the collective but at the same time offer ever new in-between spaces.

Artistic direction, choreography: Elio Gervasi
Dancers: Nathalie Baert, Laura Beschi, Arnaud Blondel, Laurent Delom de Mezerac, Alexandra Pholien, Evgeniya Glazunova, Hannah Timbrell, Riccardo de Simone, Sherise Strang, Lia Ujcic
Choreographic assistance: Alberto Franceschini, Stage: Valter Esposito
Light design: Markus Schwarz, Sound engineering: Albert Castello
Composition and live music, Michael Bruckner and Albert Costello
Dramaturgy: Karl Baratta, Management: Franziska Zaida Schrammel
Production: Tanz Company Gervasi

With support from the Municipal Department of Cultural Affairs, Vienna, and the Arts Section at the Federal Chancellery of Austria.

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Supported by: Wien Kultur/ Bundeskanzleramt Österreich Kunst Kultur